glee has lowered my expectations so much that i can tolerate most of my other tv shows’ shitty moments


get to know me meme: [2/8] female characters  amy santiago
"I’m always incredibly appropriate. In high school, I was voted most appropriate."

Bitch, look around you. We in the prison-business complex. A cow breaks me outta here, I’ll stop eatin’ meat that day.


M E ????/?? i n LO VE WitH a: f iCTIO NAL 3chA Racter????????? nOo ThaT IS AbSUrD!!!!!! **in loev** hAhaHAHA WHy w o Udl i fAll iN lOve wIth a chAracTer ???¿??1? THeY noT reaL ahHah ur silly

@thedanieb: tatianamaslany She’s super incredible!! It was so lovely meeting her. #oitnb meets #orphanblack
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